Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding is an additional grant given to schools for the specific purpose of raising attainment and achievement of pupils from low-income families who are eligible for free school meals, and also children who have been looked after for a period of six months or more.


In the 2016 to 2017 financial year, our school received the following funding for each child registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years

  • £935 for pupils in year 7 to year 11

Children who have been in local-authority care for 1 day or more also get £1,900 of pupil premium funding.  Funding for these pupils doesn’t go to their school; it goes to the Virtual School Head (VSH) in the local authority that looks after the child. 

Effective use and Accountability

To learn more about how school leaders manage their Pupil Premium funding, including reporting procedures and online statements please click on this link:  Pupil Premium Use & Accountability

Spending Pupil Premium

Schools have been advised that the funding can be used for the following: After school activities; private tuition; extra-curricular support; school trips; confidence/capacity building activities; equipment to support learning; or any item or service that supports the young person’s education.

Although, schools are encouraged to consult with external agencies, wherever possible, the ultimate decision on how the funding is utilised is the responsibility of the headteacher, governing body and staff of the school.

Schools are accountable for how the funding is spent.  On the 1st Sept 2012, The School Information England Amendment Regulations came into force and requires that the following information on Pupil Premium be published on a website by the governing body:

  • The amount of the school’s allocation from the Pupil Premium grant in respect of the current academic year;
  • Details of how it is intended that the allocation will be spent;
  • Details of how the previous academic year’s allocation was spent,
  • The effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of those pupils at the school in respect of whom grant funding was allocated.

The next review of the Pupil Premium strategy will take place in September